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Fitzgerald Witika is a luminary economist, exhibiting extraordinary talent in the realms of research and development. His distinguished portfolio boasts a trailblazing contribution to the landscape of contemporary health economics, wherein he applies the Aggregate Demand and Supply (AD-AS) model with theoretical precision to elucidate the global economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic in his paper titled, “Deciphering Economic Effects of Covid-19“.
Subsequently, his contribution to monetary economics is based on the application of the quantity theory of money in explaining the outcomes of adopting Central Bank Digital currencies (CBDCs). Besides that, Fitzgerald Witika has also collaborated with many researchers around the world and contributed as well as edited book chapters in applied econometrics. Among his latest publications is the book titled “ECO-The common currency of ECOWAS” written with his co-author, Dr. Debesh Bhowmik.
More than that, Fitzgerald Witika is a research consultant running a research consulting firm in Zambia named Research Expert Solutions (RES). RES is a group of individuals with significant and diverse expertise in research and data analysis in economics, business and natural scientific fields. Moreover, he is also known as the author of the book titled “Manifest the Genius in You ” published in 2019.


Fitzgerald Witika is a consummate research consultant, whose prodigious acumen spans across a diverse spectrum of disciplines, including business research, economics research, econometric analysis, natural scientific research, academic research, and data analysis with SPSS, EVIEWS, STATA, R-software and EXCEL. His multifaceted expertise is honed by his extensive experience in providing consultancy services to both individuals and organizations, spanning a broad range of industries and sectors.

With a refined skill set that blends academic and practical expertise, Fitzgerald is recognized for his ability to deliver bespoke consultancy solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of his clients. His analytical prowess and ability to identify trends and patterns are underpinned by his exceptional attention to detail and analytical rigor. His analytical toolbox includes an array of cutting-edge software and techniques, which he employs judiciously to derive insightful and actionable recommendations that drive positive outcomes for his clients.

Fitzgerald’s credentials as a research consultant are further reinforced by his unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional standards. He is guided by a deep sense of professionalism and integrity in his work, and ensures that his outputs are characterized by accuracy, objectivity, and scientific rigor. His clients value his collaborative approach, which fosters productive partnerships and engenders trust and mutual respect.

In summary, Fitzgerald Witika is a highly accomplished research consultant who brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. His broad-based skill set, analytical rigor, and commitment to quality makes him an ideal partner for individuals and organizations seeking cutting-edge consultancy services that deliver tangible results.



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